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    Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    All kinds of news on Philip Pullman from Random House today~
    * His Dark Materials trilogy is going to be published in a single volume. The omnibus will include every word from all three books, his chapter art, and new vignettes for each book. Read about it here.
    * Pullman will be in NYC this November -- he'll do a Times Talks discussion (read about it here -- tics are sold out), and he'll be at the B&N in Union Square on November 1 at 7.00. If you're going to be in the area, check it out!
    * A new Pullman book coming out -- his first new book in 5 years! Once Upon a Time in the North is the name of the book and takes place in that land of His Dark Materials. I couldn't possibly do justice to describing it, so I encourage you to take a peek at the press release that recently came out. Exciting stuff!
    * Hold on -- we're not done yet! The Golden Compass movie has a superblog! To read up on movie news, contests, and more, be sure to check it out. (From that site you can also choose your daemon. My daemon is Arion, a crow.)

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