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    Friday, August 15, 2008

    As many of you know, today (Friday) is my last day on the job as the Young Adult Librarian for the Framingham Public Library. I am moving to Western Massachusetts, where I hope to find a job soon (hint hint, nudge nudge to any librarians out that direction who could help me out a little).

    In the meantime and for a little while, I will still be blogging for Framingham and purchasing books for the collection and updating the Facebook page and running some IM hours -- in other words I'll still be available, so don't disappear on me! However, your best place to find new blogging bits is at http://framinghamlibraryteens.blogspot.com/. (Yes, I do realize I've blogged that link before.) It's a new blog for the Framingham teens, and it will get the most updates in the future for the Framingham folks.
    (I do expect to start up a new blog one of these days, so keep an eye out here to find out what exciting thing it will be.)

    I have absolutely enjoyed my time at Framingham -- I've learned a lot and made many friends. Best wishes to you all -- I'll miss seeing you around at the library and the high school and the middle school and at meetings and conferences and all that fun stuff. Perhaps I'll see you around.

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