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    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    It's always a strange phenomenon to me when summer reading books fly off the shelf after the last day of schools. We've had hoards of students come to the library in the last 24 hours on a death-strike mission to grab their summer reading books -- and I'm doing whatever I can to keep up. Nevertheless, there are lots of empty spaces around summer reading books.
    If you do come in for a summer reading book, tremble not at the empty space! And don't fear if the book you're looking for isn't here -- we have more books being purchased and processed, and books get returned all the time. It's a cycle. Also, if you have questions about your books, your list, or requesting a book, remember that I'm often available to help. I'm in the office in the back of the YA area or upstairs at reference or online and am more than happy give advice, suggestions, or assistance.

    You may notice on the sidebar that I have made a link to Teen Summer Reading (it's in white). Use that link to sign up for our online summer reading program and to link up to summer reading lists.

    BTW -- does anyone out there have the Marian HS summer reading list? There's no working link on their website (that I could find -- where there appeared to be a link, there was none), and we have a few people asking for it.


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