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    Thursday, May 08, 2008

    I have been lax in my duties to this blog in the last week, but not without good reason, I can assure you. Well, a kind of good reason anyway -- I've been quite busy and often not at the library at all! Let me take a minute to catch you up.
    Starting with Monday -- this was fly around day full of preparation and regrouping from the weekend and hours on the reference desk. May not sound like much, but it kept me quite busy.
    Tuesday I came in around 8 to finished prepping for my morning visit to Potter Road Elementary School, where I spent a few hours visiting grades K-4 to explain the summer reading program -- in Portuguese. It was quite a day -- very energetic -- we even had a fire drill while I was there!
    Then I returned to the library and finished prepping for ...
    Wednesday! I was invited to participate in a panel at the Massachusetts Library Association Conference (yes, librarians convene in large numbers in a single place to mingle and learn how to become better librarians) and discuss how libraries can use IM to give their customers better service. It was a good time. (So, don't forget to find me on IM once in a while.)
    And then this afternoon, Thursday, I was at the high school with my readers group. Good luck to all of them with their AP exams!
    So that's the rundown for the week. Highly interesting, I know. I hope that on Saturday I can list out a couple of the books I've been reading.

    Oh, btw -- have you seen Iron Man yet? I went to see it last Saturday. For an origins movie, considering all the origins movies there have been in the last few years, I found it surprisingly (or not surprisingly, depending on how you look at it) good. I laughed, I was impressed -- I think I even gasped once or twice. I'm already looking forward to #2 -- scheduled for April 30, 2010. If you haven't seen it and like the Iron Man and/or Marvel comics, I say Go See It! (And maybe see it again.)

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