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    Saturday, May 31, 2008

    Sure Fire by Jack Higgins & Justin Richards
    Rich and Jade are 15 yr-old twins whose mother just died. Their father, whom they have never met, appears at the funeral and takes them back to his apartment. Shocked at the turn of events, Rich and Jade are suspicious and distrustful of their newfound father, especially when he starts talking about splitting them up to send to boarding schools. But when they follow him out of the house one day and see him beat up and kidnapped, they know there are problems afoot. And when a man, shot and dying, shows up at the apartment to ask for a sample of liquid their father supposedly has, the mystery only increases. Approached by strangers brandishing guns and unsure of whom to trust, the twins soon find themselves in the middle of an international incident, with their father at the middle.
    Adult author Higgins teams up with the author of The Death Collector to present a book of action, danger, and mystery. The story moves right along, and there's not much depth to slow it down. A good quick read for the adventuresome.
    Y FICTION Higgins

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