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    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    Happy April!
    Since warmer temps are finally being felt, I've decided to do some spring cleaning at the library. I started with the paperbacks -- getting rid of books that have been sitting there, not moving, for 1.5 or more years -- I cleaned out over 100 books! Amazing!
    My next project, which I'm currently doing, is weeding out the graphic novels and comics that aren't moving -- ones that have only gone out a few times in the last few years. We have a lot, and not so much space, so I need to clear out the ones that people don't want to read so much. I've already gotten rid of 26, and there are more to go.
    And then, I really really need to finish moving my old office to my new office -- and get this desk straightened up.
    Afterwards, it's back to the paperbacks -- a bit of arranging and sorting -- maybe even replacing some of the popular titles with new copies.
    Later, if we're really lucky, I'll get around to weeding hardcover fiction, be we'll just have to see about that.
    So there's lots going on over here in the YA area this month. Be sure to stop in and check out all the improvements!

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