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    Friday, April 18, 2008

    BOOKENDS: Standard Hero Behavior
    Standard Hero Behavior by John David Anderson
    The town of Darlington, long protected by Duke Darlinger from the ogres, orcs, witches, dragons, trolls, and other dangerous creatures that inhabit the woods surrounding the town, is now in very big trouble -- and the duke can't fix it this time. Unfortunately Mason, the young town bard, is the only one who knows about the real trouble. Since all of the town's heroes moved out and have been away for over 10 years, Mason and his friend Cowel head out onto the open road with a bag of gold coins in the hope that they can find a hero for hire. Along the way they run into an orange-haired witch, a bootmaker who killed off one of their heroes, a cross-dressing giant, an army of pixies, and more.
    Two unlikely heroes off to save their families and the town they love and face multiple dangers along the way, eventually finding things they weren't expecting. This is quite an adventure for two friends to go on -- danger and comedy lurk together, and it has flavors of Will Allen's Swords for Hire. I enjoyed it and say it's a good middle-school book.
    Y FICTION Anderson

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