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    Monday, April 07, 2008

    Flush by Carl Hiaasen
    Audio version: read by Michael Welch
    When Noah's blows up a casino boat, the Coral Queen, because he believes the owner is dumping sewage into the bay, he ends up in jail -- a slight problem for Noah, his sister, and his mother. But the protest fails, and the Coral Queen is back in business before Noah's dad gets out of jail. So Noah decides to take things into his own hands and succeed where his impulsive father has failed. With the help of his sister Abbey, Lice Peeking, Shelly the bartender, and a strange old pirate, he sets out to prove that the Coral Queen is illegally (and disgustingly) dumping sewage into the ocean.
    I'm usually not a huge fan of audiobooks, but I'm trying to learn. I picked this one up last week as an attempt to save myself from repetitive radio stations -- and I chose it because it's only 5 discs and a story I hadn't yet read. And I'm reasonably pleased -- in fact, I looked forward to driving this week so I could listen to the story. First of all, the story is fun, full of spicy characters getting into scrapes and helping each other out. Second, the reader does a fine job, except in a few places where his voice gets so soft you have to turn the volume way up; he's expressive but doesn't overdue it with the voices.
    All in all, I'd say this is a good choice for audiobooks.
    Y COMPACT DISC Hiaasen

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