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    Wednesday, March 05, 2008

    Watch out -- I'm feeling a little preachy this morning....

    I wish today to talk in part about how libraries work (and rant just a little). Libraries are public information repositories, with the mission give equal access to information to everyone. Librarians work hard to make sure that people are treated fairly and receive the help, books, music, movies, comics, database access, and such that they want and need. It's a service we all pay for and contribute to, thereby allowing us a vast collection of resources that we can make use of for FREE. However, the library does not have an endless bank of money at its disposal, and so we need your help, too.
    Please don't steal!
    This seems like a simple concept, but alas, in the past couple of weeks we have had multiple thefts at the library -- including favorites like anime and manga. When someone steals an item from the library, the librarians often replace it, which doubles and sometimes triples the cost, taking money away from other things you might like the library to have. But sometimes the item never gets replaced, which means no one else ever has access to it.
    So, to wrap things up. Please encourage your friends not to steal, and remember that you can borrow almost anything from the library for free (except feature films) when you have a library card (which is also free -- and only $1 to replace it if you lose it).

    Thanks -- end of sermon -- but keep your eyes here for updates in the future.


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