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    Monday, February 04, 2008

    Taken by Edward Bloor
    Kidnapped. Charity Meyers wakes up in the back of a van, strapped to a stretcher. She has been taken. By the clock set up in front of her, she realizes that she probably only has 12 more hours for her parents to follow the instructions of the kidnappers before something terrible happens to her. Kidnapping is big business in 2036, and students are taught in school what to do and how to act, should they be kidnapped, and Charity goes over these lessons over and over again -- she wants to be let go, returned to her life. But as the minutes tick by and she is not freed, the worries and fears begin to increase....
    As I mentioned before, I took interest in this book mostly because of the Unshelved Comic I saw one Sunday (see below), so I picked up the book and took it home. The premise is definitely interesting, but despite the action-based plot, the story gets off to a bit of a slow start. It doesn't really pick up and start moving until about halfway through, but even then the tension and action don't seem to be where they could be.
    And don't be fooled by the cover -- it has little to do with the story -- chess is mentioned but is not a major part of the book, though it works as a metaphor.
    Y FICTION Bloor

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