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    Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    BOOKENDS: White Tiger
    White Tiger: A Hero's Compulsion by Tamora Pierce, et al
    After her FBI partner is murdered, after her superhero uncle is killed, after she is compelled to leave the job she loved, and after her mentor is jailed, Angela del Toro feels lost -- but she is still determined to bring law and order to her new neighbourhood. When she mysteriously receives the mystical amulets that made her uncle the powerful White Tiger, she discovers that she has new strengths and prowess. With a new costume and a new investigation, Angela soon becomes the new White Tiger, set to bring down a powerful criminal
    I picked this up mostly because I'm a fan of Tamora Pierce, but it wasn't anything like what I was expecting -- mostly because of the heavy tie-ins with many Marvel characters (DareDevil, Spider-Man, Cobra, and others) and Marvel storylines. I wasn't convinced at the start that I would like it, but as the plot moved on and the story developed, I started enjoying it more and more. I didn't get a strong flavour of Pierce from the writing, except for the personality of a strong female character who defies the odds to put good over evil and take down the bad guys. Overall, I liked it -- it was a good reminder that I enjoy a good superhero comic/gn.
    Parental Advisory on the back cover; there's definitely violence.

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