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    Monday, September 17, 2007

    The new magazines (for October) are out as of now -- if you've been waiting for the new issues of ESPN, GL, ShonenJump, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Seventeen, or one of the others, they're on display!

    I wanted to highlight a couple of the magazines today -- the New York Times Upfront has two great articles in the Sept 17 edition: the first is "How Much Do You REALLY Know About Global Warming?" There's an informational quiz -- with answers and suggestions. There's also this article: "10 Supreme Cases Every Teen Should Know." Cases and the bottom line rulings on school newspapers, drug testing, school clubs, and more. Part 1 of this article was in the Sept 3 issue -- it's good stuff.

    The Oct/Nov issue of GL (Girls Life) highlights Teen Read Week in October and lists out a great selection of books you may want to take a look at. Included are Hallowmere by Tiffany Trent, Girl at Sea by Maureen Johnson, Jinx by Meg Cabot (enter to win a copy), and a few more. There's also a Top 10 list -- Top 10 Reasons to Read for the Fun of It!

    So enjoy the new magazines. Learn a little something about global warming, find a great new book to read, and basically just have fun!

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