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    Monday, July 16, 2007

    Being by Kevin Brooks
    What are you? What's really inside your body making you go, holding you together? That's a question Robert Smith begins to ask after he wakes up from sedation during what was supposed to be a simple routine examination and hears the doctor ask "What the hell is that?" Scared by the people in operating room and by how they react to what they find inside him, he takes control of the situation, steals a gun, and gets himself out of that hospital. Now he's on the run from the men in black suits who want to capture him and from the police who want him for murder. And he still doesn't know what he is -- even after cutting himself open and seeing things that resemble circuit boards, filaments, plastic. Plagued with questions and in need of help, he teams up with Eddi, a thief and a forger, and together they run, disappearing into a small town in Spain where they hope to hide undiscovered for the rest of their lives....
    High action with the barest whiff of science fiction -- if you enjoy the Bourne Identity movies, spy shows, action books, and the like, this book may be right up your alley. Fast-paced, a bit bloody (gunshots, self-operations), with a few sexual situations, this is an impact story especially good for guys. Read it and hope for a follow-up book.
    Y FICTION Brooks
    (What is Robert?)

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    Never mind the guys, I want to read it too! Can you please get me a copy?
    We can definitely get you a copy! Just let me know when you're ready to read it...
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