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    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    It's true that I've been too busy in the past week to do much reading -- oh horror of horrors! -- but I wanted to pick a spotlight book today to balance the recently vacant blog. So, how about this... --
    Young fey & faerie folk, sucking the life force from young humans, working towards creating a force to rule the world; a sullen teen boy with "hero's blood" who can communicate with those of the other world, the mythical Green-Men of England seeking to stop the fey -- and storms and battles and powers and ancient forces... It's THE TURNING by Gillian Chan. We have two copies -- come see for yourself!

    And the YELLOW display came down today -- replaced by a BLUE display (click here for books with blue)! We've got books in red, blue, pink, black, and more -- can you find one that matches your colourful life?

    Don't forget to vote in the summer movie poll -- we'll have another poll up in a week or two.

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