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    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    Death Jr. by Gary Whitta & Ted Naifeh
    When Death Jr (DJ) and his friends wind up at a museum for the supernatural and Pandora opens a box hidden away in storage, they let loose the demon Moloch -- who just happens to be DJ's uncle. When Moloch starts giving DJ the attention he's always wanted, Death gets imprisoned and the world goes completely awry with spirits rebelling and corpses dragging. It's up to DJ and his friends to rescue his father -- using every bit of cunning reaping they can!
    I seem to have hit a reading theme -- the last four books I've bookended have featured death -- either as a main character or a plot theme. Hmmm... I wonder what that says about me these days. This was quite enjoyable. A quick read for all ages and illustrated by one of my faves.
    Y GRAPHIC NOV Whitta

    I'm working up some new displays today -- be on the lookout for a whole bin full of mysteries!

    We believe in patron empowerment at the library. That's why you can request books from home online or keep a private record of your reading history! Use the blue request button (seen at the left) from any title screen in the catalog to request that particular book, magazine, CD, or movie -- it's fast and simple and can be done from anywhere with an internet connection!
    And once you've logged in with your library card, you can request items automatically or visit "My Account" and "My Reading History" to keep track of the books and CDs and such that you've checked out from the library. More on patron empowerment later! If you have questions, IM me!

    Well said.
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