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    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    Death Collector by Justin Richards
    The London fog hides many a pickpocket, many a thief and thug -- but it when Eddie spies a dead man walking and is chased by a monstrous gigantic creature, he realizes that the fog that hides him hides others as well. After stealing a wallet with a grave secret, Eddie must join forces with George, Elizabeth, and Sir William to confound the dastardly plans of a wealthy madman who is using the bones of the dead to create living beings.
    Quite an adventure! Set in Victorian England, this is a classic mix of mystery, action, and suspense, all stirred up with dinosaurs, museums, thugs, and madmen. After the opening chapter, which is a touch on the slow side, the story picks up and is great fun.
    Y MYSTERY Richards

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