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    Thursday, November 02, 2006

    Have I really not blogged since October? That seems so long ago....
    So there's actually news from the YA corner today -- there's been a bit of rearranging, thanks to a new piece of old furniture. I have officially adopted the 4-sided display that used to show off the new DVDs and stuck in the YA area. It now is home to the new graphic novels on one side and to a random variety of books, dvds, audiobooks on another side. Take a look -- you might even find something on it you like!
    Also, and on a slightly different note, there are now three new themed displays hanging out in the fiction shelves: death, dying, & dealing (books about death -- surprise); take to the sky (books about air, flying, creatures of the sky); and, the world we could live in (futuristic & dystopic tales).
    There's almost always something new in the YA area, so don't forget to stop by when you're in the area to take a look at what's different today!

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