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    Thursday, August 31, 2006

    Drawing a Blank: or how I tried to solve a mystery, end a feud, and land the girl of my dreams by Daniel Ehrenhaft (illus by Trevor Ristow)
    This book is exactly what the title says it is. When Carlton Dunne IV's semi-estranged father is kidnapped by a feuding Scottish clan, the up-til-now timid comic artist (Carlton) sets out to rescue him. From New York to Orkney he travels, in constant peril but soon befriended by a Scottish beauty who is training to be a cop. Action, mystery, a comic subplot (with drawn-in comic panels relating the story of Signy the Superbad as she rescues unfortunates)... makes for a fun read! You can hardly go wrong with a title like this!

    Do you like to read? Do you like to listen? How 'bout both? This website, LibriVox, features audio-readings of books in the public domain -- you can listen or become a volunteer! (There are even some that are summer reading classics....) Let your voice (or someone else's) be heard!
    Try The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (enthusiastic reader)
    a Ghost Story Collection
    Poe's The Raven (with an accented reader)
    Anne of Green Gables
    Northanger Abbey
    ...or one of many others! I can hardly wait to give it a try!

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