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    Saturday, March 04, 2006

    Your Eyes in Stars by M.E. Kerr
    Jessie's father is warden at the local prison and Jessie loves hearing (and making up) stories about the prisoners. She keeps Wanted posters for gangsters on her wall and feels like a misfit at school. Then next door a German family moves in, and their daughter Elisa decides to become Jessie's best friend. They share secrets, crushes, stories, and suspicions. After one of the prisoners escapes from jail and a neighbour man turns up dead, Elisa's family returns to Germany and Jessie's family faces severe reprimand. But in the early stages of World War II, Germany is not the most stable environment and Jessie soon discovers the pain of losing a friend to the Nazi propoganda.
    I quite enjoyed this book, though it seems split into two parts. The main storyline is the friendship of Jessie and Elisa and stories of prisoners. It isn't until about 3/4 of the way through the book that Nazi Germany really comes into play. So all in all, it's a good historical fiction, but not overwhelmingly focused on history and the war.
    Y FICTION Kerr, M.E.

    Despite being a fairly big-name YA author, I hadn't ever finished a book by M.E. Kerr. Now I have and I'm glad I did.
    A few more new books came in today -- a mystery, a manga, and others.
    Don't forget to come see the Framingham Public Schools art show that's at the library right now!

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