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    Wednesday, January 11, 2006

    I read Thessaly: Witch for Hire written by Willingham, who wrote the Fables graphic novel, and illustrated by McManus, who has worked on Gaiman's Sandman; I quite liked it. Telling new stories of the world's oldest and most powerful witch, T:WfH is a fun look at her life when Fetch, the lovesick ghost, goes into business with her without her consent. As Thessaly is attacked by a variety of creatures, she discovers that the most terrifying of all is now out to get her -- and she must learn how to destroy it -- an it which is indestructible. I'll be ordering it for our collection.
    It's a day at the reference desk today. But currently the reference desk is calm and quiet. Just perfect for writing my blog. We've had multiple old newspaper requests, a request to clean a mouse (computer), a book reserve, a rock ballads CD reserve, a computer sign-up, some info on WWI (940.3) and American history (973), and a few basics like that.
    I've been doing some more weeding of the fiction area. I worry, without cause, that someday all the books will come back at once and my shelves will overflow. It's not likely to happen, but space is limited and with the amount of books I seem to buy over the course of a year, the shelves do get a bit tight. Hopefully this round of weeding will last for a little while; next I have to do paperbacks and *gasp* graphic novels -- weed out the old (or unused or ratty) to make way for the new! (And don't worry -- some of the books being taken away will be replaced.)

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