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    Monday, December 12, 2005

    Just a notice for you -- the McAuliffe Branch Library is closed this week but the main library is open regular hours.

    The Dream Merchant by Isabel Hoving
    Josh Cope has been chosen -- chosen by the competitive merchant company Gippart to travel through dreams to seek out the forgotten Tembe people and learn the secrets of time travel. Sent back through the dream-time, Josh, two friends, and his dead sister escape death various times over, pursued by spies and driven by a mission. But in the world of dreams, nothing is as it seems....
    Translated from Dutch to English, this is a fairly heavy book -- its 630 pages make for a long time reading; the story doesn't go as fast as the HP books and around page 335 things start to slow down a little bit. I did enjoy the story, though; it was imaginative and creative and great for those readers who have a chunk of time and appreciate the depth of european fantasy.
    Y FICTION Hoving

    I also read We3 by Grant Morrison this weekend. This graphic novel about 3 pets-turned-cyborg was a bit violent and bloody, but surprisingly, it had heart.

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