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    Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    What are you thankful for? Are you thankful for the library? For the librarians? For all the great books, movies, and music you can find for rental? There are some authors that I'm thankful for this week: Robin McKinley, Janet Evanovich, Elizabeth Moon, MT Anderson, Orson Scott Card, Greg Rucka, Ted Naifeh, Doug TenNapel, Libba Bray, Edith Pattou, and.... Lots of fabulous authors who have written books to entertain and inspire and such. If you have a fave, now's a good time to come by the library and pick up one of their books for the holiday. It's a great time to do some reading, when you have a couple of days off and great smells wafting through the house (or to escape from those relatives coming through the front door). And if you're looking for that special dish to fix (maybe you have an assignment or want to surprise everyone), don't forget that the library has a TON of cookbooks and cooking resources -- just ask!
    For one last thing -- thanks for coming to the library, visiting the blog, checking out library materials, and generally supporting your local library. We librarians appreciate it!

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