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    Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    NEW DVDs
    Got some new DVDs in today -- and there should be more coming! We received Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme from the Center for Hip Hop Education; the Diary of Alicia Keys: A Documentary; and Kodocha, vols 1 & 2. Be looking forward to FullMetal Alchemist and more in the near future!
    So it occurred to me just now that maybe I should tell you about weeding books from the collection. Weeding is the term we (librarians and so forth) use when we remove under-used, ratty-paged, undesired, or extra-copy books from the library collection. This has to be done regularly to keep the collection in good condition and to make space for all the great new books we're always buying. But just because a book has been weeded out doesn't mean it's gone forever -- oh no! Many of the books we discard go to our Friends of the Library for their monthly booksale. The next library booksale? This coming Saturday, November 19. (Some of the books we get rid of get replaced, too, with newer copies.)
    And on the topic of nothing, there is an amazing amount of sugar in one of those teeny boxes of Nerds.

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