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    Thursday, October 06, 2005

    Okey doke... I'm going to add a book feature to this fabulous thing we call a blog -- Thursday night booknotes! I'll pick a book or two (that I probably haven't reviewed under BOOKENDS) and introduce it to you through the "publisher's notes" -- the words found either on the back of the book or on the inside flap. I think this will be a great way to introduce new titles to all of us (and maybe you'll even feel inclined to pick up one of the books from the shelf when you're here!). Just one more way to spread the wealth....
    So, without further ado, a couple of baseball books~

    Summerland by Michael Chabon
    Summerland is a magical place, where the local Little League gathers to play baseball on a perfectly manicured lawn, and the sun is always shining in a flawless blue sky. However, the small beings known as ferishers, who ensure this perfect weather, are threatened by an ancient enemy and need a hero -- a baseball star, in fact -- to vanquish their foe.
    The ferishers recruit Ethan Feld, possibly the worst ballplayer in the history of the league, as their chosen leader. No one is more surprised than Ethan at their choice, but their faith spurs him on.
    Accompanied by his determined friend Jennifer T. Rideout and a motley crew of creatures that includes everything from a Sasquatch to a werefox, Ethan struggles to defeat giants, bat-winged goblins, and one of the toughest ball clubs in the realms of magic to save the Summerlands, and, ultimately, the world.
    Michael Chabon, one of the most acclaimed storytellers of our time, creates a whole new universe richly drawn from American folklore, with legendary beings, monsters, and mythical creatures inhabiting a magical landscape where the powers of the past and the future, of good and evil, are locked in grand battle.

    And one I couldn't possibly pass up today, with the crazy games going on:
    Tartabull's Throw by Henry Garfield
    What do baseball, werewolves, and time travel have in common?
    Cyrus Nygerski knows a thing or two about baseball. But what he doesn't know is that asking Cassandra Paine to a historic 1967 Red Sox-White Sox game will be only the first of several spectacular events of his summer. For one thing, Cassandra is a werewolf and for another, Nygerski is destined to collide with her not once, but twice. Each time, Nygerski discovers, Cassandra's running away from a murder.
    Cassandra can foresee the future, but she cannot alter the past -- and it is that which freewheels both she and Nygerski into a whirlwind of suspense, baseball, and danger, in an alternate, nonlinear time line that saves Cassandra from her nightmare and hands Nygerski his dream....

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