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    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
    When Bella moves from sunny Phoenix to gloomy Forks, she's sure she's in for the most rotten years of her life -- new school, no friends, no sun.... Surprisingly, however, things aren't nearly as bad as she anticipated -- school's a breeze and she begins to make lots of new friends; actually, everything's a little too easy -- until she meets the Cullens, the exquisitely beautiful and graceful family that keeps their distance from everyone else. Curious and attracted to them, she seeks them out, Edward especially, and discovers desire, blood, and terror stronger than anything she has ever experienced.
    You know those books that capture you from the beginning and you just don't want to put them down? This was one of those for me. The author's (from my alma mater) hope to create a strong fantasy book with deeply sympathetic characters and believable perspectives succeeds. Twilight is a great book; I didn't want to put it down! (Don't let the cover art fool you...)
    Y FICTION Meyer

    So as you can tell, I spent the weekend reading Twilight and working. What I said about not wanting to put down Twilight was true; I love when I discover a book like that.... I did make it to Serenity.

    This month we'll be having a book discussion! With Teen Read Week approaching, you can pick up a copy of Birdland from the main library and read it in prep for the discussion -- 'twill be fun to start these back up again!

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