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    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    Shattered Mirror by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
    When two vampires befriend Sarah at her new school, she knows she's in for nothing but trouble -- she's a vampire hunter, and the two just don't mix. So when one of them falls in love with her, she has to break his heart; and, in the process discovers that he has a twin that she wants to hunt. It's a tangled web with a lot of pain, promises, disappointments, danger, and blood; all this makes it an engaging read with two of our favourite topics -- love and vampires!
    Y FICTION Atwater-Rhodes

    I'm missing my green dots -- you know, the ones I stick on the *new* books. I know I had them at least on Friday (last week) and probably on Tuesday, but now they have disappeared. Ah ha -- even as I write this I have found them. After scouring my desk and drawers yesterday and today, I discover that they tried to escape by falling off the desk onto the floor under a plastic bag -- obviously hoping not be found. Silly green dots. Now, at least, I can label the new books. Whew. Enjoy the new books!

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