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    Friday, August 19, 2005

    I have to be upstairs at the reference desk in 3 minutes (or less!), so I'm writing this just as quickly as I can -- it's been like birthdays & holidays here today! We just received a LOAD of audiobooks (most of which I have gotten out onto the shelves, some of which are still waiting) -- and they are fantastic! (Some of them are reading list books....) Also in, some more books -- including more from the Alias series and others that I haven't had time to look at yet. I tell you what -- this is fabulous! I hope you have time to take a look & a listen!

    Yesterday was a movie day, but the big day is coming up on Wednesday -- our movie marathon! The movies will show on the big screen and we'll be showing them all day, starting around 11.30/11.45. We'll have popcorn and candy and drinks, so be sure to pop in. If you want to see what we're showing, take a look at the small posters on the library doors and in the YA area.

    Gotta run -- happy Friday!!!

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