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    Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    I'm supposed to have many things to write today, and I find that I have forgotten so many of them... Let me start, however, by saying that I read Bruce Wayne: Fugitive 2 & 3 yesterday, and I loved them both. It's a great trilogy (with a prequel that I am ordering today for the collection).
    Oh -- and I forgot to mention that I read Why Are You Doing This? by Jason (a norwegian graphic novel author). It's a film-noir style murder intrigue, as well as a commentary on what it means to live. Quite good, I thought. I shall have too look at more by him.

    A couple of announcements about Friday--
    We will be closed Friday until 1pm; we will open 1-5.
    Also, starting Friday, no one (not even librarians) will be able to put requests on audiovisual materials; that means CDs, nonfiction videos, movies, audiobooks.... This is temporary. I'll let you know when requests can be made again.

    I've been putting out fliers for all the movies coming up and the MUSIC SWAP. Be sure to pick them up when you're at the library -- they come in multiple bright colours and tell you all kinds of important things (like which movies we're actually showing & that there's popcorn).
    I'm thinking about changing the furniture in the YA dept a bit -- moving out that big table, for starters and putting in two smaller tables by the chairs. If you have opinions about this, please let me know.

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