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    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    This morn on the radio, while driving in to work, the broadcasters brought up the Star Wars name game. And so I've gone online to find you some name generators. Now presenting...:
    Star Wars name generator
    And actually, they all seem to use the same information, so instead of listing them all, just check this google hits page.

    One of our exercises in our writing group produces fast, short, insane stories that usually make no sense. This week our participants have decided to share these with you, our momentary audience. I will post them during the course of this week. Please keep in mind that the object of this writing exercise is to write quickly the first things that come in the mind.... All the stories begin with "I miss you." Read them out loud and we hope you laugh at them as much as we did.
    Story #1
    "I miss you" is what I said to him but he didn't seem to care. He walked away and left me in the middle of the airport wondering where in the world I was going. The people all sat and stared, as I spoke in my broken Chinese Dragon was in pieces, and as I realized that it was unfixable, my sadness turned into rage. I pulled out my tactical 12-gauge and ..... It felt good. He'd never break my Chinese dragon again. To decide between the two was not possible. Each side had a good and bad, and now was the time to strike as I crept up to her I dumped the ice cubes down her back. Happy Birthday, Sis! What happened next? I'd rather not say. Well, then again I will. He is a dorky, nutty, dumb, not smart, wierdo. With this in my mind I end my story of no life. Just kidding. That's all folks!
    Our next writing group is in June.

    Emily! You edited MYYYY part of the story! How dare you? I can name a bunch of comic books where people have gotten shot. Hahaha, rockon though, this blog deal is awesome!

    Yeah, well... as I previously explained, it was probable that I was going to have to do a little of that -- we try to keep it all neat and tidy and absolutely above reproach, lest someone become displeased and I have to disband it altogether.
    Otoh, glad you dig the blog -- visit often! Refer your friends...! :-)
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