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    Friday, November 07, 2003

    Just a reminder that the library will be closed all day on Tuesday for Veterens' Day - make sure to come this weekend and Monday to get your work done and to get good books to read!

    I hear there are some homework assignments running around that might need library help - health projects and US History and Humanities and such. Let me give you a few numbers to help you get started on where to look for some of this stuff:
    Health: drugs - 362.29; acid rain & pollution - Y363.73...; infectious diseases - 616.9; asthma - 616.23 --- and such as that. 360s and 616s. You can also try some of our student databases that can be accessed from any catalog or internet computer.
    US History [1920s]: Lots of books dealing with various aspects of the twenties. For the general historic time period, try 973.9 (.91, .915). Then you can also try music and fashion and literature.
    Chinese Museum Project: I don't know a lot about this assignment, but I can direct you to some Chinese resources. Try 709.51 (in the art section) and 951 (for general China).
    That's it for now. I hope this is a little bit helpful. Check at the Reference Desk for more specific help. This is just to get you started! Have fun!
    Isn't it a beautiful day!

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