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    Friday, September 05, 2003

    BOOKENDS - First of Today's Two
    I have two books to BookEnd tonight, but I'll just start with one, and maybe the second will come tomorrow. Fat Kid Rules the World. This is a new book, a wry comedy of powerful angst about Big T, Curt, their band Rage/Tectonic, and what it took to get them there. It's standing at the edge of the subway platform, being too fat or too sick, loving ketchup as much as life, playing guitars and drums with all your power - all that and then some.
    "Drumming's about how you relate to the music," Curt says.... "Anyone can play a beat," he says, "but the great drummers listen to the sounds around them, then add their own part of the conversation."
    Maybe I'll add this one to the Good Book Box.
    Y FICTION Going, K

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