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    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    Graphic Novels
    I’ve been hooked on a series of graphic novels this week. Well, it isn’t really a series, but they’re all from the same publisher (Minx). I just finished Clubbing, which I didn’t expect to like at all, because I’m not very into the clubbing scene. But guess what-- the story really isn’t about clubbing at all! As a punishment, Lottie gets sent out to the countryside to spend the summer with her grandparents, who are building a golf club. But weird things start happening. Overall I liked the story, though it goes strangely sci fi at one point. One cool extra thing: Lottie provides us with a lexicon at the end of the book-- a great way to pick up some British lingo. (Bet you’ve never heard of a Tombolla!)

    I also read The Plain Janes. After a terrorist attack in Metro City, Jane’s parents decide to move, totally upsetting Jane’s whole life. She gradually makes friends with a group of girls, who all happen to be named Jane, and the four of them start a secret art campaign in the city. But the people of the city are more scared by these random acts of artwork then pleased with them. I enjoyed this book a lot and especially liked the idea behind this story, though I felt unsatisfied by the abrupt ending. (But I just found out that a sequel is coming out in a couple of months-- yay!)


    (*Note from Emily -- these are definitely great graphic novels -- fun stories and all -- I think I've mentioned them before. Try other MINX titles -- more are arriving at the library every couple of months!)

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