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    Saturday, May 31, 2008

    Hacking Harvard by Robin Wasserman
    It's a high rolling bet -- that Max and Eric can't hack a deadbeat high school student into Harvard admissions without getting caught. It will take all the skills of their 3-man team to beat the Harvard system -- and what they don't know is that someone is working against them -- and the stakes are higher than they know. That's the premise of the story. Max, Eric, and Schwarz are assigned to turn Clay, a bully, irresponsible and uncaring, into the perfect Harvard candidate and get him accepted to the prestigious school. They must beat the SATs, ace the application essays, excel at the personal interview with an admissions officer, and join clubs and committees galore (real and fake) all in the name of Clay. It's dangerous and illegal, but they're determined to make it work, despite the odds... and the comptetition.
    A fun story that may be interesting to those planning to attend college soon, or those who are interested in pranks and hacks, or those who enjoy a tale of friends and enemies and changing relationships. There's tension in the hack, stress between the team, money and futures at stake, and a few budding relationships that prove slightly dangerous.
    Y FICTION Wasserman

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