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    Thursday, December 06, 2007

    I know how much everyone enjoys doing surveys, so I've set up this survey and hope that Framingham teens will take it -- it's going to help us do more and better things at the library for teens in the coming months. It's a short survey -- on 10 questions long -- so it should be pretty fast. Please take a moment to fill it out if you're a local teen.
    I'll post the results as I get them. And in the meantime, thanks to all you who have participated in the other polls -- it's fun to see the votes.
    The survey will live at the top of the blog -- easy to find, should you want to!

    Click here to take the FPL teen survey

    Also, I'd like to draw your attention to two new features on the sidebar -- we now have a meebo widget living over there, so you can chat with me anytime I'm online and you're on the blog.
    We also have a brand new "new books" widget hosted by Library Thing -- it will randomly select and display two new YA books every time you check the blog -- and if you want to see more new YA books, just click on "my library" and it will take you to the list. If you see a book you just might like, click on the "@ the FPL" and you'll be directed to the catalog so you can search it. Wahoo -- so many new fun things! Enjoy!

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