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    Monday, October 01, 2007

    Clay by David Almond
    I decided last week that I needed to read a YA book to review, since it's been SO long. So I went back to the brand-new display cube to seek out something read -- and I found it on the "Best Books for Teens" display.

    When Stephen Rose moves into town, Father O'Mahoney asks Davie and Geordie to befriend him -- he's had a tough life, with his dad dead and his mom in a mental institution, and now he's living with his crazy aunt. Stephen is a talented sculptor and can create tiny life-like beings out clay -- and then one day shows Davie that he can even bring these little clay creatures to life. Troubled though he is about Stephens talents and desires, Davie is enlisted to help Stephen with his greatest creation of all -- a life-size man of clay, which together they will bring to life. But Stephen has definite plans for the creature, and monstrous plans they are....
    Judging by the cover (yes, I do often judge a book by its cover -- who doesn't?), Clay is not a book I would choose read; I hate to say it but the cover just isn't very appealing. But I have enjoyed some of David Almond's books in the past, and this was on a top picks list. The book is a bit creepy; not dark, but shadowy. It plays at the supernatural while running along the cusp of sad and depressing -- it weighs heavy (think Frankenstein). But the writing is good and the premise is strong. I'm not sure that I would recommend it (especially to those prone to being a little down), but it was well done.
    Y FICTION Almond

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