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    Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    For all of you fans of Angry Little Girls, we just received Still Angry Little Girls! Angry Kim, Crazy Maria, Disenchanted Deborah, Fresh Wanda, and Gloomy Xyla, their pets and boyfriends and mothers -- they're all back!

    On Topic: if you're looking for books or resources about anger (management, benefits, etc), try clicking this link to our catalog.

    I just finished reading the book Wyrmhole by Jay Caselberg. It's a sci-fi detective novel with a reasonably good plot about a psychic investigator hired to find out what happened to a mining crew that suddenly disappeared from the planet they were working on. The writing leaves a little to be desired with some repetition and style problems, and language and scene with sexual content make this more suitable to a high school reader.
    I'm reading the second in the series right now; I'll let you know what I think.

    I wanted to be sure to let you in on this website for any of you who are politically oriented or just want to know what's going on with the bills in Congress: OpenCongress. It's government data, news, and blogs working together to keep you informed -- including info on a referendum designed to block social networking sites (like MySpace) from libraries and schools....

    While we're on the subject, the University of Indiana has an announcement about a Congressional role-playing game. Take a look at their blog.

    On Topic: need books to back up the info? Here's a link to the subject in the library catalog!

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