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    Monday, February 05, 2007

    I just added a great Valentine's Day poll to this blog -- and it was working until just a minute ago. If you can't see the poll, please come back for another visit soon and make your vote!


    Candy Darlings by Christine Walde
    Lollipop sweet with an undercurrent of sour.... She swore she would never eat candy again after her mother died with a glucose drip attached to her arm. All she wants is to forget her dead mother, fit in at her new school, be popular -- be normal. Things seem to go as planned -- until Megan Chalmers arrives at school. She is all sugar, all candy. Lollipops, bubblegum, chocolates, licorice, ring pops... the candy sticks to her teeth, sticks to her fingers, and takes the main role in the stories she tells. Soon, with candy infiltrating every aspect of her life, the narrator gives in, breaks her promise, and envelopes herself in a candied life. But there are lies, and tales, and threats, and sometimes candy is the only thing to make life sweet.
    I like the writing of this book and the reality of it, even though there were so many secrets and lies -- maybe they made it more real. The ending wimped out a little bit, but made the story reminiscent of "Simple as Snow" by Greg Galloway. It was quite an enjoyable read with some sexual language, school bullying, and swearing.
    YPB W

    The Adventures of Michael MacInnes by Jeff Carney
    Michael MacInnes: orphan, trouble-maker, poet enthusiast. On scholarship to a new private boys boarding school, MacInnes doesn't fit in with the other students -- but that doesn't keep him from challenging the regulations and traditions at his new school -- and breaking many of them while angering students and administration. He starts an underground literary magazine, destroys an illegal stash of whiskey, steals a car, breaks into the girls' school across the way, argues with the teachers, and rooms with another campus misfit. All daring-do and adventures!
    I had quite a bit of fun reading this book -- it's a great comedic twist on historical fiction (1924, Prohibition Era) and a great ready for guys. There is a bit of sexuality in the content.
    Y FICTION Carney

    Keep warm out there!

    Our teen advisory group met on Saturday -- or at least, some -- we are in definite need of new members! This week we discussed the possibility of raising money for the prison book program as part of our summer reading program -- what do you think about that?

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