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    Monday, January 08, 2007

    The Astonishing Adventures of FanBoy and Goth Girl by Barry Lyga
    Fanboy: a high school comic book geek with one friend, a horrible stepfather, and chapters written of his own graphic novel Schemata. He wants to finish school, get out of town, meet Brian Michael Bendis, and publish his graphic novel (not necessarily in that order). His best friend, Cal, is a jock, but a smart one who likes comic books. Life for Fanboy is miserable life, day to day, doing homework, working on Schemata, arguing with his mom, IMing Cal, getting punched at school. And then one night he gets an IM and email from an unknown person, whom he soon discovers is Kyra, a Goth Girl with a chip on her shoulder, self-destructive tendencies, and a leaning towards Neil Gaiman and fast driving. Fanboy can't resist her -- she seems to understand him so well. But their relationship backfires, and Fanboy's world crumbles at the comic con, and suddenly his once reliably unpleasant life seems completely messed up; it's going to take a little work to get things back in order again -- a little work and a kiss from the most beautiful girl in school....
    I enjoyed this book, but for all the hype it's been receiving, I thought it a fairly typically good YA novel -- especially with the tidy half-resolution at the end. Don't get me wrong -- I loved the graphic novel details (authors and illustrators and titles thrown around) and the characters make great connections to each other, life, art, and angst. Hope you enjoy it. (Good book for guys.)
    Y FICTION Lyga

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