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    Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    Hello and welcome to 2007! I read a number of books over the December holiday, caught up on a little rest, and am ready to talk all kinds of young adult stuff today.
    Let's start with some "new book" titles:
    Storm Thief by Chris Wooding
    Tyrell by Coe Booth
    Hover Car Racer: Crash Course (#1) & Full Throttle (#2) by Matthew Reilly
    The Night My Sister Went Missing by Carol Plum-Ucci
    Justice by Jim Krueger
    Aeon Flux by Mike Kennedy

    The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey by Steve Scheinkin
    This book touts itself as a "graphic novel of Jewish wisdom and wit in the Wild West" -- and it pretty much holds true. After finishing school, Rabbi Harvey heads west in hope of finding a job and hopefully a little adventure, too. He makes his way to a small town in Colorado that is being ruthlessly governed by a trio of outlaws. He outwits them, becomes the town rabbi, and soon becomes known as one of the wisest men in the west. In this collection of stories, Rabbi Harvey retrieves stolen money, outwits outlaws, assists a child who thinks he's a chicken, and deals with other amazing challenges.
    This is a humourous graphic novel, based on Jewish tradition against the backdrop of the Wild West -- a seemingly flawed juxtaposition that works amazingly well. Very fun stories....
    Y GRAPHIC NOV Scheinkin

    by Orson Scott Card
    Today -- or tomorrow -- the United States, sparked by the assassination of the president and vice-president, erupts into civil war. Terrorists had gotten a hold of anti-terrorist plans and used them against the nation, while a group of citizen took advantage of the confusion to launch their technology weapons and take over whole cities and states of the union. The major who had written the anti-terrorist plans and his assistant are present for the bombing of the White House and together form a small group of elite soldiers. They work undercover and pit themselves against the confusion and the turmoil of the nation, the weapons and technology of the civil war proponents, and the dissension and treachery within their trusted group.
    Intriguing possibilities emerge in this story -- and yet, they seem not far from the realm of possibility. Good for readers interested in political fiction, war fiction, and contemporary fiction of America.

    I read more, but thought I'd drizzle out the titles and reviews over the course of a few days.

    I hope your new year is off to a smashing start!

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