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    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    It's still Teen Read Week -- don't forget to enter the free book drawing or vote online for the Teen Top Ten.
    I just got a new "small" display up on the shelves -- GBLT books, spurred on by a question I received not long ago:

    Q: If a book came out late September, when is the earlyest [sic] it would be in the library?
    A: The absolute earliest could be late September – if it got ordered before it was released. If there’s something you don’t see, check the catalog and/or make a request for purchase.

    Q: I am in love with Katie Maxwell, but she never updates her website. How do I found [sic] out if she has a new book coming out?
    A: Right now, Katie Maxwell is published by Smooch Books. You can see her previous and upcoming titles at www.smoochya.com/authors.

    Q: Do you have books for teen GLBT groups?
    A: We do. Do you want books on getting a group started, books dealing with the issues, or fiction books to read?
    Try: GLBTQ : the survival guide for queer & questioning teens / Kelly Huegel Y306.76 Huegel
    Also try other books in that number section (306.76)
    If you’re looking for fiction titles, try authors Julie Ann Peters, Brett Hartinger, David Levithan…
    There’s also a booklist/guide you can find online.

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