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    Monday, September 11, 2006

    Vampire High by Douglas Rees
    Cody Elliot has run out of options. Since he's failing all his classes and has no inclination to study, his father decides to enroll him in Vlad Dracul public school, where he'll be a major player on the water polo team and not have to do any homework. Sounds like a dream. But most of the students are tall, thin, with black hair and sunglasses; the principal has a pet wolf; and almost everybody has fangs. Welcome to Vampire High. When Cody starts making friends with influential students and working for his grades, eyebrows are raised and threats are made -- which, of course, only encourages him until great changes are made.
    This was a fun read. A bit simplistic perhaps, but entertaining.
    YPB R

    High School Bites by Liza Conrad
    Lucy Hellenberg knows she doesn't live a completely normal life -- her mother is dead and her father refuses to leave the house, but at least she has a sort-of boyfriend. On her 16th birthday, however, everything changes. She finds out that she is the descendent of the Lucy in Bram Stoker's Dracula -- the Lucy that Dracula was obsessed with -- and still is. Dracula followed the original Lucy and is determined to win his prize. And all his vampire descendents are after Lucy, and now her life resembles a movie -- she wear garlic perfume, garlic corsages, and sees vampires everywhere. She and her friends, with a little help from a vampire-hunting teacher and a great chemist, set out to destroy Dracula and end the curse on their families.
    This started out with great promise -- a girl dealing with regular life and a legendary vampire, easy conversational writing, but the ending was quite pat and seemed to come quite easily and quickly.
    YPB C

    I read these both to compare fiction on vampire high schools. Vampire High was much more about high school and teachers and students and school sports, High School Bites had very little to do with actual school and more to do with high school life.

    Today is 9/11.

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