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    Monday, August 21, 2006

    I realize it's been about 8 billion years since I've been on the blog -- time's have gotten the better of me, and it shows in the numbers of visitors I've been getting.
    I had to head home this past week for a funeral. I read, while I was there, two books by Robin McKinley (my comfort reading): Deerskin and Sunshine. I also read the second Scott Pilgrim comic, which was loads of fun.
    In case you're interested, and since it's on my mind, I've included a few fiction titles dealing with death and grieving.

    Snap / Alison McGhee
    Confessions of a Closet Catholic / Sarah Darer Littman
    Thirteen Going on Seven / Marilyn Sachs
    Elsewhere / Gabrielle Zevin
    Shadow boxer / Chris Lynch
    Wrecked / E.R. Frank
    Locomotion / Jacqueline Woodson
    Upstream / Melissa Lion
    Kira-Kira / Cynthia Kadohata
    Truth About Forever / Sarah Dessen
    Freewill / Chris Lynch
    All That Remains / by Bruce Brooks
    Getting Near to Baby / Audrey Couloumbis
    Carolina Autumn / Carol Lynch Williams
    Alison Rules / Catherine Clark
    Key to the Golden Firebird / Maureen Johnson
    Pepperland / Mark Delaney

    OK, so that's more than a few. There are many out there and more, even, than what I've included here.

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