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    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Beating Heart by A.M. Jenkins
    Beating Heart is a ghost story, smoothly written and enjoyable. Evan's mother has moved the family to a new home -- new for them anyway -- it's a huge, rundown, abandoned for years, and Evan is less than impressed -- and less than pleased to be further away from his girlfriend and in an area where he has to entertain his little sister all the time. But the house isn't totally abandoned -- the ghost of a girl from years past still resides there. He fascinates her and she begins to present herself in his dreams. Secrets are exposed, desires, too....
    Written in prose (Evan) and loose form poetry (ghost girl), this was a lovely ghost tale of desire, love, family, confusion, relationships, and all those things that make life what it is -- plus, it's a quick read! I really enjoyed it.

    Banana Sunday by Root Nibot & Collen Coover
    Kirby is starting at a new high school -- with her three talking monkeys -- one with super intellect, one who's a lady's man, and one who eats everything. Needless to say, Kirby has trouble fitting in. When she befriends the school reporter, the truth is bound to get out!
    Full of the kind of fun only books with monkeys and bananas can have, this was an easy read with some laughs and definitely some smiles and even a few surprises.
    We're getting it soon!

    Ultimate Iron Man by Orson Scott Card
    Card does it again -- and this time in a new genre, telling the story of the origin of Ultimate Iron Man, from birth to young adult, from a baby with brain cells throughout his body to a young man who rules his father's corporation and invents weapons and armour technology. Despite having no previous experience with Iron Man or Tony Stark, I enjoyed this beginning biography just as much as I hoped I would (it is Card, after all) and look forward to the next. A great piece of superhero science fiction.

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