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    Thursday, March 09, 2006

    I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League by Giffen et al
    The Super Buddies are open for business -- with their own theme song and everything. They don't quite have the power-effective quotient of the Justice League, but they make do -- and then next door, opening sports bar, is an ex-super villain! And even more -- the Super Buddies old pal, Guy Gardner -- aka the Green Lantern -- is his partner! When Booster Gold wishes his team into Hell and Guy Gardner takes off to save them, things only go from bad to worse!
    The second in the show, but the first I've read -- as I mentioned yesterday, this started smashingly with humour and sarcasm and super heroes -- exactly what I like. However, the storyline of ep7 (when they enter hell) starts to waver a little in humour quotient and by eps8 & 9, when the alternate universe turns sexy, it's not quite so interesting. So, all in all, there was promise in the beginning, but the end fizzled. Have to recommend this for slightly more mature audiences.
    Y GRAPHIC NOV Giffen

    Meanwhile, I'm reading Are We There Yet by David Levithan. I'll bookend it soon.
    And if you've ever wondering about nuns and librarians and spelling bees, here's a news article on that very thing!
    Has anyone read Burndive by Lowachee? I keep waiting for it to come in so I can read it, but haven't gotten hold of it yet. I'm in the mood for a good scifi/fantasy piece.

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