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    Thursday, February 23, 2006

    We had our film showing today and we had a pretty good turnout. Batman Begins, always a good one to watch. Lots of popcorn was bought and eaten (and crumbled on the floor...). And now I'm on to ordering. Seems I'm a little backed up on my review journals. And I'm finding some great stuff to buy! I'm up to 33 titles and counting.
    Meanwhile, let me find a book for our irregular Thursday evening bookchat.
    One Fat Summer by Robert Lipsyte
    (From the publisher's notes)
    No summer vacation could be less promising than Bobby Marks'.
    Bobby Marks hates hot weather. It's the time when most people are happy to take off their heavy jackets and long pants. But for Bobby, who can't even button the waist of his jeans or reach over his belly to touch his toes, spending the summer at Rumson Lake is pure torture.
    This particular summer promises to be worse than usual. His mom and dad can't stop fighting. His best friend, Joanie, goes home to New York City unexpectedly and won't tell him why. Dr. Kahn, the rich, stingy estate owner who hires him to manage the lawn, is trying to work Bobby to death before he can earn a single dime. And the local guy who worked for Dr. Kahn last summer is lurking around every corner, itching for a chance to catch Bobby alone, to pay him back for stealing the job.
    But there's more to Bobby Marks than his two hundred pounds. He's about to find out just how terrifying and eshilarating, how dangerous and wonderful, one fat summer can be.

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