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    Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    I'll admit it -- I've always been a fan of Catwoman -- no, not the recent movie, but the one in the comics who actually has associations with Batman (go figure). This weekend I took home to two most recent Catwoman GNs that we have (Wild Ride and Relentless) and read them. And of course, I quite enjoyed them. They're dramatic, intriguing, adventuresome, and of course full of destruction, crime, and punishment (and guilt). Good stuff here.
    So it's vacation week. I hope you have enough things to keep you busy! If you don't, remember that the library is full of options. We'll be getting in a whole slew of new books in the next couple of days and there are lots available at the moment. The magazines are popular right now and we have some new titles this year that you may not have seen yet. And don't forget that on Thursday afternoon we'll be watching a movie in the Costin Room. With the warm temps we're supposed to be having, this could be a fabulous week to have off!
    If you have research papers and projects due after this week, feel free to contact me for help. I might be able to give you some tips for getting that project done!

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