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    Wednesday, January 18, 2006

    I logged into my blog just now knowing there was something specific I wanted to talk about, but now.... I think I wanted to make mention about SmartGirl that runs surveys on a variety of things and allows you to create your own surveys. I just read about a survey on libraries and reading.
    Also, one of the recent library magazines I receive and get to read had an interview with Jonathan Stroud -- and he said that the film rights to his Amulet of Samarkand have been sold to Miramax. Now this doesn't necessarily mean that a film will be made, but now the option is there! I found verification at the Rod Hall Agency. Good news for fans of the Bartimaeus Trilogy.
    It's hard to keep track of all the teen books being optioned and sequelled (is that even a word?). If you know of some I've missed in my jottings, feel free to mention them.

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