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    Tuesday, January 03, 2006


    Once again, we're having a delightful weather pattern breaking through to start off the new year. Hard to believe it's 2006 already -- seems fairly similar to the end of 2005.... My great accomplishment for the holiday season was learning to knit (I made a fantastickly long multi-coloured scarf with fringe -- very basic) and reading more than expected (but less than hoped). It was a nice relaxing time -- but now I'm back! I'll be bookending for a couple of days, cleaning up the YA area (which actually didn't look to bad, thanks to some helpers)

    Sandpiper by Ellen Wittlinger
    Sandpiper has had a bad reputation for a while now. Boy after boy after boy -- she used to think she wanted a boyfriend, but now she's been through so many -- practically one a week, and she doesn't know why or what she saw in them. One of the "exes" starts to harass her, and in an attempt to salvage herself in the situation, she turns to The Walker for help. Nobody knows who The Walker is or when he arrived in town or where he lives or why he walks, but as Sandpiper begins walking with him, she begins to break through his shell, just as he helps her discover good things about herself and her life. Through a summer of harassment, danger, familial tension, broken friendships, and big changes, Sandpiper finally finds something she's been looking for and never thought would come her way.
    I was skeptical at first of this novel; it sounded pretty good, but something, perhaps the premise, turned me slightly off. However, this was a fantastic story of overcoming personal demons, discovering truth, and learning to deal with it -- even when it's harder than hard. Oh -- and I also enjoyed the poems that accompany each chapter.
    Y FICTION Wittlinger

    I hope that gives you enough to work with today. I'll be back tomorrow with another bookend. We got some new stuff in -- many more How to Draw Manga books, a couple fiction titles, and a Dennis the Menace collection. Hope to see you here soon!

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