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    Saturday, January 28, 2006

    I tried, I really did, to get on and blog Thursday evening while I was at the Reference Desk, but alas, blogger wouldn't let me in. I spent a good portion of that night looking at movie news sites getting the pics and updates for the new Superman movie and the X-Men movie, reading a little about the new Spider-man flick, and even some that weren't comic related. Anyway, good movie-watching days ahead.
    I would have also had a featured book, but since I couldn't get on to blog it....
    And now on to other news, of which there is little, if any. Oh -- we just got this book KnitGrrl, which looks pretty good -- all kinds of information on knitting -- and basic instructions (which is why I checked it out). And then there's this one that I just put on order: Second Time Cool: The Art of Chopping Up a Sweater. What fun!
    A couple of today's questions:
    Can you find me the lyrics of "You Belong to My Heart"? answer (one of them)
    How do you type the character that's an S on top of an S? answer: use the symbol menu under the insert menu of Word or type ALT+0167
    That's all for today -- go enjoy that rare January sunshine!

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