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    Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Yesterday was that lovely big wind and rain storm which wiped out our entire internet network, including our circulation modules for checking books in and out. Yikes! If the weather had been just a tad bit nicer, if people had had the desire to get out of their houses, it could have been another one of those exciting days.... But everything's working today: internet, circulation, and everything!

    Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment by James Patterson
    Maximum is a 14-year-old mutant, given wings and extra strength and a number of other skills by the Whitecoats at The School. When she and her flock (5 children like her) are suddenly set upon by the Eraser and Angel is kidnapped, she leads them on a daring journey to rescue her. When finally they reach the school and rescue Angel, they decide to head east, where they hope they will find safety. But even in New York City, where everyone blends in, they are discovered by the Erasers, chased and hunted down, and then told to save the world. It's a risky life, dangerous, hunger-driven, and it's lain on the shoulders of six youth.
    Three things in particular about this book -- first, it's written for teens by a popular adult author; second, the writing isn't spectacular, but it's OK; third, the pacing is dead on: short chapters, fast action, cliffhanging moments -- it all makes for fun reading. Plus, there's a whole website (with a poll and everything) dedicated to more information. Different than most YA books, it's a reasonably good read.
    Y FICTION Patterson

    Oh -- and I almost forgot! We logged our 10,000th blog visitor this week! I'm dreadfully excited. Thanks for coming!

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